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Signature Series APOPPS®

Our founder Robert N. Brown, Sr. has given us the opportunity to create the Signature Series APOPPS® (Adjustable Post-Operative Preparatory Prosthetic System); designed to enhance post-operative, transtibial limb rehabilitation. Effective October 1, 2012 FLO-TECH® O&P Systems, Inc.’s new Signature Series will replace our current 7 socket sizes with just 4 sizes in both 7” and 9” lengths for left and right with: #1416, #1618, #1821, and #2124 for your transtibial patients.

We’ve combined our sizing in order to provide a larger range and sustained use of the sockets for anatomical shaping of your patients. Our new sockets now give more versatility for edema control, knee flection contracture management and aid against distal end breakdown! The new Series will save money by decreasing your inventory to only 4 sizes of each FLO-TECH-TOR™, UFOS™ and VCSPS™ (custom sockets are still available). Each socket has the same patented design and quality synonymous with the FLO-TECH® name.


A new level of postoperative amputee prosthetic rehabilitation

Fits most sizes making one left and one right SOFTIE™ and one SOFTIE-TF™ a minimal and economical stock for immediate care.

XL sizes for transtibial distal range up to 28" and transfemoral distal range up to 38" now available.

  • sockets are soft, non-constricting
  • easy to remove to address wound concerns
  • minimizes the effects of injury at bed rest
  • covers the incision from micro-tears
  • fitting a patient at a moment’s notice
  • economical for maintaining on-hand stock

The SOFTIE™ and SOFTIE-TF™ (for Transfemoral amputees) addresses two concerns: 1) vascular surgeon(s) who fear the application of any prosthetic socket for their dysvascular patients, and 2) prosthetists who see the cost of maintaining a prefabricated postoperative socket, or system, inventory as prohibitive.

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Adjustable Postoperative Preparatory Prosthetic System For Transtibial Amputees


Adjustable Postoperative Preparatory Prosthetic System For Transfemoral Amputees

Transfemoral APOPPS-TF


  This is a Narrow ML (Northwestern Style) Ischial Weight bearing, jointed, Transtibial system with: drop locks, floating (unloading) VCSPS (Prep) socket, pylon system and post op foot. Used for cases where the transtibial residuum is too sensitive (or in a state of chronic delayed healing) for normal weight bearing or in CVA or other paralysis cases. (Production and shipment times may vary.)

Custom Sockets - when you need them!

FLO-TECH® has made Symes, knee disarticulation, extremely long transtibial and transfemoral sockets and systems as well as jointed sockets and sockets with shuttle lock suspension.

The Symes Socket is a VCSPS type socket with some unique features. There is a distal strap which will provide AP, ML and circumferential control and reduction (not unlike the VCSPS™). The socket has two unique slot sets; one is located (medially and laterally) on the posterior section at the distal belly of the calf, and the other is located (medially and laterally) on the posterior section at the smallest portion of the ankle. Most patients use the Symes socket for transfers. However, a UFOS™ would be required for extended or training ambulation and can be provided upon request.

It can be difficult to get custom services quickly, but not at FLO-TECH® where most custom sockets and systems are shipped on the same day as ordered (if ordered prior to Noon EST).

Symes custom system.


17" MPT to distal end next to our normal 7" length FLO-TECH-TOR™ socket.

Custom 30 degree or more flexion contracture socket (with Fillauer joints).

20" Knee Disarticulation FLO-TECH-TOR-TF™ socket.

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