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PROTOCOL: Trans-Tibial FLO-TECH-TOR™ Socket Protocol for Non-Ambulatory Patients

Trans-Tibial FLO-TECH-TOR™ Socket Protocol for Non-Ambulatory Patients

A. Patient Selection:

1. All diagnoses will benefit from application of the APOPPS® FLO- TECH-TOR™

2. Patients should be coherent and cooperative (except in O.R. applications)

3. Patients should have reasonable family support

4. Residuum length must be between 4 ¼” and 7” for 7” socket systems

5. Residuum length must be between 6 ¼” and 9” for 9” socket systems

6. Sockets will accommodate distal circumferences between 11” and 25” (roughly 14” to 24” at the MPT)

7. All other amputation lengths and circumferences require custom sockets and systems all sockets are provided from a limited stock. If the size the patient needs is not available, it will be fabricated and shipped to the Prosthetist within 1 business day.

B. Postoperative Fitting:

1. Patients are fitted with the FLO-TECH-TOR™ at any time following amputation surgery (see Physician and Prosthetist protocol):

1.a. Record date of surgery

1.b. Record date of fitting

2. The FLO-TECH-TOR™ is applied when patient is at rest (lying on his/her back):

2.a. All belts, extension straps as well as thigh and socket bands should be snug -NOT TIGHT

2.b. Mid-patella strap – Loose enough to slide 1 to 2 fingers under it – DO NOT leave in tightened state

3. The FLO-TECH-TOR™ is removed 2 times per day:

3.a. Once at bedtime – Once in the morning

3.b. Visual examination should reveal a total contact fit, if not, select the proper size, length and circumference

4. While the FLO-TECH-TOR™ is off allow the patient to range the knee as much, as is reasonably comfortable (see Physical Therapist)

5. Examine the outer sock for spotting:

5.a. Record all spotting – Size & Location

5.a.i. Contact Physician for large amounts of spotting

5.b. Remove outer sock ONLY (if damp or soiled)

5.c. Remove the reticulated pad (if applicable)

5.c.i. Rinse the pad in cool water

5.c.ii. Squeeze dry in a towel – Do not wring

5.c.iii. Reapply pad to residuum

5.d. Reapply clean dry outer sock

6. Reapply the FLO-TECH-TOR™ in 15 to 20 minutes from the time it was removed

7. If patient is able to stand or ambulate in parallel bars or walker with an un-weighted residuum (see Physical Therapist)

7.a. All belts, extension straps as well as thigh and socket bands must be tightened

7.b. Mid-patella strap must be tightened

7.c. Apply upward pressure to the distal end

7.c.i. Should be relatively pain free

7.c.ii. Pressure (from belt pulling on suspension strap) should be less than 5% of patient’s weight

7.c.iii. When session is over follow procedures in step; B, #2 (a & b) and #5 (a (i), b, c (iii) & d)

8. Record all findings after every examination

8.a.i. Record small spotting – Size & Location


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