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Why can’t I just make these sockets myself?

After only 40 minutes there was quite a lot of drainage. The doctor ordered us to wait a day or two before retrying the FLO-TECH-TOR™. What can be done to make this a successful fitting?
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My patient, a diabetic, had an opening in the suture line and was a delayed healer. I decided to try the FLO-TECH-TOR™ with minimal pressure to try to promote healing. I heated the side opening panels to minimize pressure on the slightly ‘dog eared’ residuum (amputated limb).

The VCSPS™ broke after a few weeks use. What caused this?

Pain has been a problem for the first several patients that I have used the trans tibial APOPPS® with. They have not been able to bear much weight despite use of oral and parenteral narcotics. Any hints?

We just discussed, by telephone, the problem of pressure ulcers over the tibial tubercle that I’ve had with several patients using the post op rigid orthosis. Your suggestion was to make sure the mid patellar tendon strap has a finger-breadth of looseness while the patient is at rest and to tighten the strap while ambulating. Thanks for your suggestion. – Pamela Davis, MD

It seems the sockets are bigger, circumferentially, than what I expected when I ordered. – Several Practitioners have relayed this

How do I select a trans tibial FLO-TECH-TOR™ that is the appropriate size?

Sometimes small blisters appear distally. How can these be prevented?

The APOPPS® seems to be ‘Too Bulky.’ Why is it so bulky? – (Question asked by many FIRST TIME users of the APOPPS® system.)

Right now I’m using pneumatic prosthesis for my patient. I would like to know if the FLO-TECH-TOR™ could replace it.

Why can’t I just heat and push out the distal end of the FLO-TECH-TOR™-TF if the length measurement is close to allowable limits. – Reed Mueller, CP
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The patient was a referral from a new physician or one who was trying the APOPPS®, APOPPS® -TF or a portion of it, for the first time.
DISCUSSION: You can heat the socket and push it out. However, if you are finally getting a physician to try some portion of the APOPPS® or APOPPS® -TF, after many attempts to encourage him to do so, I don’t recommend testing the limits of the system. Give the APPOPS® and yourself, the best chance for success. You know that if you make a modification in plastic (polyethylene) it can sometimes not go as well as you would like. It may function well, but it could end up not looking as nice as you would like it to. If the doctor or the patient rejects the APOPPS®, after your attempt to stretch the limits of the system, you may not only lose the ability to recommend the APOPPS® in the future, indeed you may lose the doctor altogether.

Could you let me know what you guys feel is the correct length for an upper leg amputation? My friend is having a hard time getting the correct fit because his amputation was not done right. They took his leg off right at the knee. We’re trying to get info about lengths of amputations. Please let me know what you guys feel is the correct length. – Thank you Charlotte Roberts

I’m doing my first AK FLO-TECH® IPOP on Tuesday. Applying the preparatory inner socket (FLO-TECH-TOR™) immediately following surgery. I’m also viewing the surgery for a refresher in that area. I will be adding the outer socket & following the preparatory in the Rehab located in the same building as us after her transfer (2-3 days likely). I spent my wonderful Easter organizing a protocol sheet for the nurses and therapists. This should be helpful as these healthcare members aren’t experienced with this system either. I have previously done fiberglass cast BK systems; this is quite different. I am in virgin territory here, so any advice or comments or experiences are welcomed. Thanks in advance.

I’m a P&O student at La Trobe University and was wondering if you could give some more information on the FLO-TECH-TOR system, specifically in regards to: Any trials|studies undertaken that involve this system; the amount of volume compensation it can handle; whether it’s for long or short term use (ie – immediately post op, longer term problems with volume fluctuations or for the daily changes in volume experienced by most amputees); how much it costs.-

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