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Symes – Ankle Disarticulation

The Symes socket is a VCSPS type socket with some unique features: there is a distal strap which will provide AP, ML and circumferential control and reduction (not unlike the VCSPS), the socket has two unique slot sets, one is located, medially and laterally, on the posterior section at the distal belly of the calf, and the other is located, medially and laterally, on the posterior section at the smallest portion of the ankle. This configuration allows for a variety of shapes and sizes to be comfortably covered by the socket. Most patients use the preparatory Symes socket for transfers. However, a UFOS would be required for extended or training ambulation and can be provided upon request; both sockets must be ordered at the same time.

Custom sockets and systems are made from Practitioner measurements and adhere to the patented design principals established in our Adjustable Post-Op Preparatory Prosthetic System.

We make every effort to ship custom orders within 24-48 hours.

We also have components for all systems.


Symes Info Page [PDF]

Symes Measurement Form [PDF]

Symes VCSPS, front

Symes VCSPS, side

Symes VCSPS, back

Symes UFOS, front

Symes UFOS, side

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