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APOPPS®-TF Two Prosthetic Stages

Adjustable Post-Operative Preparatory Prosthetic System–Trans-Femoral

This two-part post-operative preparatory prosthesis system allows the Prosthetist to provide a continuum of care, from the time of amputation, through early weight bearing, until the patient is ambulating independently. Both sockets work together to enable Prosthetists to fit virtually any shape or size amputation.  Custom sockets can also be fabricated from your measurements, making the benefits of the APOPPS®–TF available to most trans-femoral amputees.

Adult sizes, 12″ in length, left or right:

Small – Ischial range 16″ to 22″

Medium – Ischial range 19″ to 25″

Large – Ischial range 22″ to 28″

Extra Large – Ischial range 26″ to 32″

See measurement forms for specific fitting ranges.

Trans-Femoral APOPPS® Info Page [PDF]
Trans-Femoral Measurement Form [PDF]
TF Belt Attachment Instructions [PDF]
Trans-Femoral Uni-belt Assembly [PDF]

APOPPS - TF, knee, pylon and foot, side

APOPPS – TF, knee, pylon and foot, side

APOPPS - TF, knee, pylon and foot, front

APOPPS – TF, knee, pylon and foot, front

Trans-Femoral UFOS, fron

Trans-Femoral FLO-TECH-TOR, front

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